yellow nail syndrome(English)

  • (OMIM 153300, ORPHA662) a very rare disorder that almost always occurs at age > 50 years, but a juvenile or familial form has been observed. Diagnosed based on a triad associating yellow nail discoloration, pulmonary manifestations (chronic cough, bronchiectasia, pleural effusion) and lower limb lymphedema. Chronic sinusitis is frequently associated with the triad. Etiology remains unknown but a role of lymphatic impairment is usually evoked. May rarely be associated with autoimmune diseases, other clinical manifestations implicating lymphatic functions or cancer and, hence, is also considered a paraneoplastic syndrome. Management is symptomatic and not codified. Can resolve spontaneously
  • Dermatology, Pulmonology, Autoimmunity, Oncology
  • https://doi.org…3023-017-0594-4