This website supplements an English-Dutch/Dutch-English dictionary on medicine and the biomedical sciences, compiled by Dr. P.L.M. Kerkhof. The dictionary is intended for researchers, students and translators in the field of medicine and of biomedical sciences. Correct use and interpretation of English (bio)medical terms can be of vital importance in this field.

In addition to translation, this practical dictionary often features short explanations, as correct understanding of a text usually requires more than just the meaning of individual words and expressions.

The entries reflect the language used within the various medical disciplines. In addition, terms are included that cover areas such as clinical decision making, translational medicine, biomedical engineering, patient-related information processing, and medical statistics.

Hundreds up-to-the-minute entries have been added to the sixth edition of the book, also including numerous references to related search terms, as well as antonyms and synonyms. New compared to previous editions are sixteen pages featuring principal anatomical drawings along with English nomenclature.

The author

Dr. P.L.M. Kerkhof is affiliated with the Radiology & Nuclear Medicine department of the Amsterdam University Medical Centers. He mainly publishes in the field of cardiology, but was also the editor of the a veterinary dictionary (Elsevier/Bunge, 1998). In addition, he was the editor-in-chief of the standard work Sex-Specific Analysis of Cardiovascular Function (Springer, 2018) with contributions by authors from 17 countries.