upstream open reading frame(English)

  • mRNA element defined by a start codon in the 5' UTR that is out-of-frame with the main coding sequence. Although present in approximately half of human transcripts, their global impact on protein expression is unclear. uORFs correlate with significantly reduced protein expression of the downstream ORF. The regulation of gene expression is controlled at many levels, including transcription, mRNA processing, protein translation, and protein turnover. Posttranscriptional regulation is often controlled by short sequence elements in the UTRs of mRNA. Because eukaryotic ribosomes usually load on the 5' cap of mRNA transcripts and scan for the presence of the first AUG start codon, uORFs can disrupt the efficient translation of the downstream coding sequence
  • ORF
  • Transcription, Regulation / control
  • https://doi.org…pnas.0810916106